At St Francis Xavier’s Catholic Primary School Arncliffe, all staff work collaboratively within their roles to achieve the best possible outcomes for our community.

Principal Mrs Debra Heckenberg
Assistant Principal Mrs Ashley Marszalek
Religious Education Coordinator Miss Victoria Lissikatos
Coordinator Miss Natalie Loizou
Kindergarten Teacher (KF) Miss Katherine Gavrielatos
Kindergarten Teacher (KM) Miss Deni Patalis
Year 1 Teacher (1F) Miss Victoria Lissikatos
Year 1 Teacher (1F) Miss Sally Hay
Year 1 Teacher (1M) Miss Zoe Blight
Year 2 Teacher (2F) Miss Natalie Loizou
Year 2 Teacher (2F) Miss Sally Hay
Year 2 Teacher (2M) Miss Samantha Vassallo
Year 3 Teacher Miss Rose Lewis
Year 4 Teacher Mrs Jessica Felicetti
Year 5 Teacher Miss Haylee Baird
Year 6 Teacher Miss Sophie Smith
Diverse Learning Needs Mrs Ashley Marszalek
Reading Recovery& EAL/D Teacher Mrs Linda Nakle
Litracey Support Teacher Mrs Genevieve Husband
Administration Manager Ms Connie Fiorini
Administration Assistant Ms Kim Mahoney
Learning Support Mrs Aleksandra Stojanovski
Learning Support Mrs Andie Fitzgerald
Learning Support Mrs Dorothy Galloway